Thursday, 29 August 2013

First Blog Post


Short and simple, I want this blog to be two things:

a) A sort of fashion timeline for me to watch my style evolve over time. If you know me you would know I love documenting things, everything in my life, from my personal diary to my dream journal to my calendar to my gazillions of folders of pictures and videos all neatly arranged in chronological order on my laptop. If you don't know me, well, here comes the second part:

b) I also want to share my fashion adventures (misadventures) with people like you.

So without further banter here is my first blog post!

To give you a general idea of my style, here are a compilation of some of my Outfit Of The Days (OOTD from now on).


Denim shirt from H&M
Grey turtleneck and spike headband from ASOS
Velvet shorts from Everland Clothing
Knee socks from Kmart
(bag on the floor from dymmocks hehe)

My friend Janet is really good at making Sims
Singlet from Big w? (could be from anywhere I've had it since year 7)
Skirt thrifted!
Lolita shoes also from unknown destination (sowwy)
Choker from Twirly Trinkets

Velvet top from Everland Clothing
Sherbet skirt from Nasty Gal
Nails- "White on" by Sally Hansen

Lipstick: "Sapphire" by My Beauty Addiction
Choker: Twirly Trinkets
White crop top from ASOS

Neon mesh dress (it's full length you just can't see it under the skirt but oh my it is fabulous) from American Apparel
Blue school skirt from thrift shop
Black thigh high stockings from Big W

Black peplum tee and Metal rim sunglasses from ASOS
Lace shorts from Supre

Same metal sunnies as above
Lipstick (it's actually a LOT more neon pink): "Shocking Pink" by Barry M
Pentagram Choker from Twirly Trinkets

Tie dye tee from Luncchb0xx
Lisa skirt (It's a midi skirt I just folded it up) from Omighty
Neon yellow satchel from Miss Shop

This is just a selfie I found from earlier in the year haha
Lippy is just this cheap shit from priceline

Basic polo from fuckin Kmart (it was $2 holla at me)
Pink shorts (they have sparkles) from Little JC Boutique
Shoes from Ebay

Top is by Minkpink
Shorts are from Dangerfield

Bomber jacket and jeans both from Dangerfield

DISCO PANTS by American Apparel
(Imperial Purple is the colour)

This app is the best (Splitpic)

Jacket thrifted
Same white polo as before
Jeans from Supre
Beanie and shoes from Ebay
Choker made by me :)

Beanie and Choker made by me :)

My lovely friend Evelyn bought this jumper for me from TAIWAN before it hit stores here just sayin'

Lipstick by Lime Crime "D'Lilac"
Top thrifted

Chokers and top from The Cobra Shop

My dad gave me this shirt, I adore that man.

"Will I go to hell if I take selfies in disabled bathrooms?"

Everything by Everland Clothing

Top from Topshop
Skirt from Omighty
Socks from ASOS
Shoes from Deandri


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