Saturday, 12 April 2014

Angelica Underhill Collaboration

Hello darlings
This week I have a collab with the talented Angelica Underhill @mewmewtant on instagram!
Check out her portfolio here.

I was told a small insight which shook me: each year, as our lives progress, becomes shorter and shorter. Not literally. But it FEELS that way. Think about it: when we were five, a year was a whole fifth of everything we knew, one fifth of our entire reality. As I sit here, eighteen years old, it strikes me that my perception of time has changed. One year is not nearly as significant as it once was. I've experienced eighteen 'one year's, and very soon it will be nineteen. Sorry if this seems awfully foreboding, what I'm trying to say is, it's easy to sit back and let the years flow past as they seem to come faster and faster. It is exceptional, no it is crucial, however, to slow down every once in a while and just enjoy, savour and immerse yourself in the moment you're experiencing.
It will only happen once so don't miss it.
As they say in latin: Carpe Diem
"Seize The Day"

Without further ado, let's lighten up with Ange's pretty pictures:

Pink "Kitti" Sunglasses by Quay Eyeware Australia (super upset because I lost these at uni on Wednesday)
Black off shoulder crop from Ebay
Kisses pants by Nastygal
Shoes by Deandri
Earrings by Angel Puffs

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Before we start click here for mood music: Acid Rain


This week we have another shoot I did with my lovely friend Jayd (Instagram: @jaydayesha)

Pom pom earrings by @angel_puffs1 (find them on instagram!)

Neon pink mesh dress by American Apparel
Gingham skirt by Nasty Gal
Chokers by @nomadicstore
Bikini top by Bardot
Chelsea boots by ASOS

Hair blending into my earrings: trips people out it's great.

LOVE wearing these boots with black socks.

I whip ma hair back and forth

Jayd has such a beautiful, vintage photogenic house.

Satchel Bag from Typo