Friday, 27 September 2013

Pretty Dresses X Connie Yeah

Firstly, sorry about the delay!
In my defence it was my 18th birthday last friday!
So obviously I put off all my Uni work to party all week, ultimately resulting in me popping 4 No Doz pill and downing 2 cups of coffee in a desperate attempt to finish my assignment last night.
But that shit has been submitted and now I have all the time in the world to put this post together!

This is a very special blog post!
It's my first collaboration with my gorgeous friend Kate from Pretty Dresses In The Laundry!
We decided to utilise our break at Uni to do a little photoshoot on the bleachers.
It was hella hot and sunny and oh so fun, we had to improvise a bit and used a bin as a tripod haha
With that in mind, enjoy!

Sunglasses from Ebay
Lipstick is 'Shocking Pink' by Barry M


Skort from Omighty

Yin Yang Necklace from Ebay
Parental Advisory Halter Crop from The Cobra Shop

Shoes from Hopscotch

This is the only shot I have of the back!

Introducing the lovely Kate:

Kate's dress & headband are from AOSAP

Necklace from Dissh

Shakuhachi Shoes

Until next time,
xx Connie

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink


Today I have another OOTD which I wore to Uni, and then out shopping with my boo Steph.
If you haven't seen Mean Girls already you need to take control of your life and go see it (also you won't understand my T-shirt i you haven't so pls).

Also, somehow my new macbook has downloaded all my music from Yr 9 (and nothing else) into iTunes and I am nostalgically listening to them all. I figure I'll put it on shuffle while typing up this post so every photo will be accompanied by a song suggestion, partly to fill the space and partly to show off my amazing 9th grade playlist (I will warn you now, I was, and still am, a nigga beats kinda girl).

Say Something (Explicit) - Drake

This is fast becoming one of my fave T-shirts. It's so sassy and, well, it's pink. 
This baby is from Luncchb0xx, I know I had to look at the spelling VERY carefully too, but honestly he makes some of the coolest shirts and sweaters!
You can have it dyed all shades of ombre but I went for tie dye pink/white

Video Phone - Beyonce

I Got It From My Mama - Will.I.Am

Rockin' that watermelon purse brah.

 Confessions Part || - Usher

I plan on re-dip dyeing ma hurr next week maybe? Let me know if you want to see a blog post on how I did it, etc :)

Watcha Say - Jason Derulo

Rock That Body - Black Eyed Peas

Tassel earrings from Ebay.
I love them because they're the same length as my hair right now hehe.

Panty Droppa - Trey Songz

They're so fluffy and soft against my face haha

Hot & Fun - N.E.R.D

Lacey knee highs from Rubi,
My holy grail creepers from Ebay.

Dilemma - Nelly & Kelly Rowland

Candle In The Wind - Yung Ram

This watermelon purse is the cutest thing in my life atm
From Ebay
Because I am an Ebay whore

Sexy Can I - Ray J

This colour is from OPI's Euro Centrale collection, I bought the small travel sized pack of 4, the shade is "Suzi's Hungary Again".

Here are some pieces I tried on and loved and can't afford from my shopping trip today:

Good Life - Kanye West

I like Doctor Who and Neon things.

Tie Me Down - New Boyz

La La La I look like a farmer

Bottle Pop - Pussycat Dolls ft. Snoop Dogg (now known as Snoop Lion lol)

I would give a limb for this top hahahahahahahhawahahhwaaaaa

Okay I actually worked really hard compiling this entry so thanks for reading to the end haha

Thursday, 5 September 2013


I did this in a rush today because it was getting dark really quickly so I apologise for the shit quality of these photos!
I will be getting a DSLR soon hallelujah!

I had work today but what I usually do is go to work in my normal clothes and just put my work shirt over what I'm wearing. This makes it easier for me to get the hell out of there as soon as I can :)
Top from Ebay: crop tops are the key to everything in life.
Jeans are hand-me-downs from my mum: she has some impressive gear from her youth
Shoes from Ebay: everyone knows I love these shoes to death they serve me so well in terms of both providing comfort and much needed height (I'm 150cm ya'll)

Didn't realise I had such a muscular back but there ya go

Armcandy from The Cobra Shop

Choker made by me! I wanted a black choker with little daisies but couldn't find one so I made this as a DIY project on the holidays I think it went quite well (I can custom make them if anyone is interested!)

I CAN'T STRESS HOW FAR AND WIDE I SEARCHED FOR CLEAR SUNGLASSES. One day a friend found the perfect ones on Ebay and we both bought these they are amazing.

A little closeup
(I got a little bit tanned and life is great)

Skinny metallic belt from ASOS
this is literally one of the two belts I own haha

I will try my very hardest to post at least once a week!
Bye lovelies