Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mad Villain

Hey there!

I have a new video on my Youtube channel YAY (there are some hectic dance moves involved)

Based on my observations many girls do not dress appropriately for winter.
Especially in clubbing situations.
It boggles my mind that it is what 7 degrees and you are wearing one of those tiny bandeau crop tops with a mini skirt in some watercolour floral pattern and heels that could kill a man, grasping your shiny clutch to your chest and your body is shivering in a way that screams 'HYPOTHERMIA'. 
Please, it hurts me to see you this way.
This week's blogpost is supposed to be educational: layer up my sweet angels.

Level One: 
Knee high socks are a great way to keep at least part of your legs warm while still being able to show off some skin.

Top Thrifted
Skirt from American Apparel
Shoes from ASOS

Level Two:
A cropped jumper is awesome because you can still see whatever cute bottoms you're wearing.

Level Three:
If you are a real pussy when it comes to the cold like me, level three is for you.

Note: add some tights too if you wanna!

Wavin' to ma neighbour like a good citizen.

Lipstick is Red Velvet by Lime Crime

Thanks for popping by my lovelies!