Friday, 24 January 2014

Connie & Janet's Day Out

So my friend Janet got a new camera and we decided to spent her pre-birthday together giving her gadget a test run!
It had been dirty hot and sunny all week and the one day we venture into the world it storms: fucking awesome. 
Nah it wasn't that bad, but all I'm saying is the shoes were not practical.

Outside the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)

Crop top from ASOS
Skirt from Op Shop
Thigh highs from Big W 
Shoes from Deandri

Janet was playing around with some effects and this shot turned out especially amazing.

Colour Co-ordinating Forever

Janet the professional cutie pie ^.^

Stripy top from Cotton On
Denim Pinafore from Princess Polly Boutique
Shoes by Minty Meets Munt

"Get in the bushes"
"I don't wanna"

Another amazing shot of my Deandri's 

Teal backpack from Ebay

My all purpose neon pink transparent bag is from Factorie.

Some boys wanted to be featured on my blog, shoutout to you two.

Janet By Connie Li

How To Look At a Painting by Connie Li

Green hologram shoes, well done janet.

And then it started pouring and we went home looking like two well dressed drowned cats.

Also my incredibly talented friend Adrii just released a cover of Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran, give her a listen, her voice gives me shivers and I only want to spread the love.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

How To Dress A Choker

Hey dudes and dudettes
I was lucky enough to receive a super rad-tastic choker from Nomadic Store (@nomadicstore on insta) the other week, so here are three outfits I've put together to help inspire ya'll.
I'm wearing the elephant choker in all these outfits!

Numero Uno:

Been searching far and wide for a fishnet top, finally came across this baby on ebay.
Spaghetti strap crop top from Bardot
Lilac American Apparel tennis skirt

Welcome 2 my living room

 Numero Due:

Ganesha singlet: hand-me-down
Black skater skirt: Nastygal

Bustier: Nastygal

Pencil Skirt: Omighty

Lots of love, Connie