Saturday, 5 October 2013

Photographic Diary of My Hair Dye Adventures

So the title probably gave everything away but, yes, this is a post about all the colours I've dyed my hair, including brief reviews of each colour!
I guess this idea blossomed when I was on the plane to Sydney and the girl next to me asked me what dye I used. Just to clarify I LOVE it when people ask me questions like this, it's the ultimate conversation starter, I can go on talking forever.

Overall, this was very fun to compile, all the photos are basically selfies I've taken over the past year, and here they are for your entertainment.
I hope this clears up some queries ya'll have about the process of changing hair colour.

When you put it into perspective, this point in my life is really the only time I can do this crazy shit to my hair, think about it:
- I've graduated so the school can't be up my ass about it.
- Uni is a great time for self expression and discovery.
- I don't have a job that requires me to look like a corporate slave (yet).

So whether you want to join the goth scene, piss off your parents, or just want a change of scenery:
I say go for it.

This was my starter kit. I can't remember individual prices but all 5 dyes added up to $77. ALL FROM EBAY DON'T BUY THEM ANYWHERE ELSE YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF!
Left to right, up then down:
"Sonic Green" by Special Effects
"Bright Daffodil" by Directions
"Pillarbox Red" by Manic Panic
"Carnation Pink" by Directions
"Lagoon Blue" by directions

Oh I forgot to mention this before but you MUST bleach your hair if it isn't blonde, otherwise none of these dyes will work. It's like trying to colour in a black piece of paper, it ain't gonna happen kids.
I mixed 30 vol creme developer & powder bleach. You can get this from priceline for a good price!
Also, through a lot of experimentation I found I had to bleach my hair twice (leaving it in for about an hour each time) to get a decent light blonde.
The lighter the hair, the more vivid the colour.

The first one I tried was "Carnation Pink"

 A good, solid medium pink colour. Gotta be one of my faves.

It fades into a dusky pink after about 2 weeks.

I usually wait a month before I dye again, by then the colour is more-or-less completely gone.

Pink: Round two
Not gonna lie, it's a messy, boring and annoying process.

The second time I went pink, the colour was visibly more vivid, it looked neon pink irl.

Note: dip dye hair looks insane in a high pony.

Fading is such a bitch, someone should invent permanent stuff.

After the pink washed out after the second month, I felt a change was necessary:
This was a mix of "Lagoon Blue", a TINY bit of "Sonic Green" and some white toner.

As you can see my dip dye was getting grown out, there was barely any blonde left to dye.

This colour had the worst staying power out of everything.

Faded to this weird ass colour in under 2 weeks.

I had no blonde left to dye, so gotta keep bleaching:

After one bleaching session and I look like a golden retriever.

Just keep bleaching

 While I was deciding what colour to go next I played around with some temporary rinse off hair colour, this stuff you can get from priceline.
Warning: stains clothes hardcore.

Third colour: I wanted a bright green
Mixed "Sonic Green" with "Bright Daffodil" about 50/50


Ignore the tag still on my clothes haha
It fades into a really pretty pastel/mint green

But then into ugly dead grass green haha

I wanted to see what the "Sonic Green" looked like on its own:

It's very pretty but very dark, would recommend for lighter hair.

Lastly, I did this the other week
"Pillarbox Red"
Unless you like the colour of period, don't buy this shit.

Hasta La Vista, Baby


  1. ommmggg, all the colours are cute on u but pink is my fave. ^q^

    1. Yes I loved pink so much! Might go back soon hehe

  2. omg idk but I loveeee sonic green on its own! :')

    1. It is gorge during the day but harder to see at night ya feel?

  3. Hi Connie!! I have a dilemma... Every time I try to dye my hair blue it turns out green. Did you have to bleach your hair until it was white or? Because I read online that blue doesn't work on blonde :\ If you have any recommended products that have a really vivid blue, please tell xx

    1. Hey girl :)
      Sorry for the super late reply but I just saw this! Since this blog post I have found a super vibrant blue (with a green undertone) it's the stargazer "uv turquoise"! I would recommend this, it may fade to a aqua colour though but it still looks great! You should have your hair at least a wheat colour in my opinion. Hope this helps :)