Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Part Two: Dionne

 Hey hey

This week's song: These Eyes (been listening to this non-stop, fresh talent outta Byron Bay)

Responsibilities suck: so I recently went on a lil escape to the coast. 
My days consisted of waking up around noon, going shopping, and coming back to the YHA to eat crappy food and drink dank-ass goon. 
It was really something special. 
I've been trying all my adult life to avoid all my adult responsibilities but they're catching up to me.
Normally I would encourage everyone to keep running, as fast as you can, but I think it's time for me; for you; for everyone, to harden the fuck up.
Do that nasty paperwork/research/errand/job, cos ain't no magical fairy godmother gon do it for you.

Without more ranting, here is part two of my shoot at the park.

Polo Shirt from Kmart (kids section ftw)
Black Cropped Sweater from ASOS
Tie Dye Maxi Skirt from Verge Girl

Chunky Shoes from ASOS
Socks from Miss Shop


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