Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Imma Do Me, Imma Make Mine

Click 4 sum music: You, My Everything

Hai there and welcome.

Recently I've realised I think way too much about other people:
How will they feel if I do this?
Will they be pleased or disappointed?
What will they think of me?
And THEN, comes: what should I do?
It frustrates me that I base so many of my decisions on other people: how can I call myself independent and free-willed? I am done. Done, with being "too nice" and having, at times, an obscenely high tolerance for bullshit. Live your life for yourself and your own pleasures. It's impossible to never step on anyone's toes.

Yung Lean perfectly sums up this entire blog post:
"Imma do me, imma make mine."

Shoutout to anyone who's asked me for advice the last couple weeks and putting up with my super helpful responses:
"fuck em do what you want"
"if you want it fucking take it"
"fuck society"
"just fuck him lol"

Fun fact: my friend's mum once thought I had Tourettes (I wonder why).

This week we have a look featuring some of my new buys:
Hair Fluffies from the one and only @highrack_tm, nab your own here!
Top is from Dollskill.
Jeans were a bargain from the Topshop sale.
Lippy is one I mixed using OCC the lip tars.
My Kanken backpack is my life (thanks diego for the recommendation): it's miraculously easy and comfortable to carry.
Teardrop choker from @sadeyes.apparel


I've been wearing this watermelon top as a bra it's very versatile.

Shoes bought a long time ago from ASOS

Smiling despite freezing my titties off.


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