Monday, 14 July 2014

Part One: And Thank You Lord For Satan

This week's song is the kickass outro from the last episode of Orange Is The New Black I just watched which was so intense I'm struggling to keep it together: Bad Bad Daddy

This week I learnt:
Don't try to out-happy people.
You don't have to have more than someone to be happier.
You don't have to be better than someone to be happier.
Happiness should be subjective and be quantified only within ourselves.

Enjoy your day loves.

This week's blog post is part one of two shoots at the park.

Lil' candid shot walking to the park with all my gear on.

666 Top from O-mighty
Tie Dye Split Skirt from Verge Girl

First Post featuring my latest tattoo: the Gallifreyan symbol for "Ruby", my sister's name. I had it done in celebration of her 10th Birthday- shit get's real when you hit the double digits.

Always wearin my baby on my neck.

C u next week bb

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