Monday, 25 January 2016

Huy Tran x Itsconnieyeah x Seaport Village

Long time, I know.

Since coming home, the most common question has been "HOW WAS YOUR EXCHANGE?!" and being honest, to verbally encapsulate everything I felt, saw, tasted, heard, loved, hated, it would take me precisely the amount of time I was gone. Every moment was precious and I think back to this time in my life with a fondness I fear cannot be matched. However, I've come home with a certain urge, a final burst of energy perhaps, to live freely and immerse myself in creative projects I've long neglected. 2016 feels pretty lit already.

1/2 shoots I did in San Diego with Huy Tran.
Huy's Instagram & Flickr- check em out!
The results were fantastic, thank you fam.

s/o to frat boys
     catch ya on the flipside

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