Tuesday, 25 February 2014

On Wednesdays We Wear Black*


What did I say about the holidays going past way too fast.
I don't even remember what I did on the weekend, let alone what I've accomplished in the last three months.
So today we wear black to mourn those days wasted watching back to back Sex and The City, hours gone window shopping on the internet, and minutes passed waiting for that goddam bus.

Top by ASOS

Lanterns embracing my Chinese heritage hehe

The queen of all batwing tops.

Cornrows by the fabulous Brittany Barham.
(thank you for supplying the hair ties)

Velvet Shorts by Everland Clothing

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Evelyn's Attic

This week I had the pleasure of photographing my favourite space: 
Evelyn's Attic aka. Neverland

The first time I climbed the stairs into the attic was nothing short of magical. From the hardwood floors to the geometric ceiling everything about it was fantastic. 

This is Evelyn.

T-Shirt from Monki
Plaid Skirt from Taiwan
Neon Spotty Socks from markets

Yin Yang Necklace from Ebay
Grey tee is Evelyn's hehe
Kitty knee high socks by Lazy Oaf
We are both wearing Pink Velvet by Lime Crime Velvetines

End of shoot selfies

Evnie 3.0

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Pretty Connies In The Laundry: Twinsie Tuesday


Connie and Kate come together for another special shoot just for you :)

Before I do that, I only have one thing to talk about, something that shadows every other facet of my life this month: my sky diving experience.

"How was sky diving?"

I think I answered this one question on a dozen occasions in the last few days.
So I've had opportunity to refine my response.
My final goes something like this:

I felt no fear. Even as I was boarding the small plane which didn't have a proper door. There was a a ridiculous smile plastered to my face, I was itching to get up there and feel that thrill. 

I was fourth, we didn't get to choose our order but I was very happy to be placed in the middle. I wanted to see people fall before me haha. The guy who was first looked hella nervous but you could tell he didn't want to show it with four females being there and a big fearless instructor strapped to him. 

I chatted to my tandem partner the whole time. Of course conversation led me to ask him, "so, have you ever been peed on?" he laughed, "yes." I was hilariously entertained by this fact, so I asked another instructor. "This one girl did everything," he replied. After some clarification I established that she had thrown up, peed, and did the nasty on this guy, all at the same time. I was in tears I laughed so much. 

By the time we reached 12,000ft I was so beyond ready. My palms weren't sweating. My biggest worry was that my shoes would fall off. One by one the others tumbled out. They disappeared so quickly. Soon I was inching toward the exit. My legs hung over the edge, my arms gripped onto my harness. Only my instructor was holding onto the plane now. I stopped breathing as I waited for him to let go. I could only see the horizon and the clouds below us. 

Due to my request he did "flips and shit" as we tumbled out. I saw the plane receding and it was gone in seconds. The falling was the strangest feeling. I didn't get any fluttery feeling in my stomach so it didn't feel like I was moving. It just felt like a massive fan was blowing air at me. We dove through a cloud and I opened my mouth and ate a bit. Instant rehydration, that stuff is the shit. 

Too soon, about 45seconds later he pulled the chute. We were still over a kilometre off the ground, I could see Brisbane City and Caloundra. This is probably the most amazing part for me, just hanging and gliding over everyone and everything. My instructor even let me steer a little, we spun in circles up in the air. 

I wanted so badly for it to last longer, but it was going to cost me another $274.

 Here's the collaboration I did with Kate from Pretty Dresses In The Laundry!
We both got the same skirt so this is a Twinsie Tuesday special episode :)

I'm Wearing:
Black Milk Houndstooth Nana Top
American Apparel Blue Vinyl Mini Skirt
Nike Socks
Ebay Creepers
White Round ASOS Sunglasses

Kate Is Wearing:
Wholesale 7 Boots
Dissh Necklace
Cotton On Body Shirt
 and of course the same American Apparel Skirt in Pink!

The Fabulous Kate

Sunday Social Earrings

Nomadic Store Choker
Lime Crime Velvetines Red Velvet

Props to Kate for making these kickass Gifs!

Toodles My Lovelies!