Friday, 8 November 2013

Cats For Days

Currently cramming like a madman for finals, doing this lil blog post as procrastination.
As usual I've had way too much coffee to concentrate on one thing (my textbook) for extended periods of time.
Today marks the fourth day in a row I've been a hermit in my house studying for Chinese and Sociology finals.
The days are taking their toll:
- Pretty sure I've gained a good couple kilos procrastin-eating.
- My lower body feels like jelly from being glued in sitting position.
- Eyesight is blurring.
- Been two days since I've changed clothes.
- I look like the guy from Cast Away.

Here's my outfit from last week, l8ers

Shirt (which I'm wearing as a dress) from Omighty
A disclaimer: Omighty products are great I love them all, but their shipping and service is the most ridiculous shit I have ever experienced. On THREE occasions when I ordered the shit was nearly THREE MONTHS late, and I got no compensation, only bitchy emails. I'm done shopping with this brand, but I won't stop ya if you're willing to wait aeons for a shirt.

Fishnets from Ebay

Lipstick is "Shocking Pink" by Barry M
The pictures don't show it but it is 100% NEON pink

Weirdly close shot of my face soz

Tie dye socks my lovely friend Chi (aka Chizzle) hand dyed for me ^.^

Dis b ma mom


Friday, 1 November 2013

Walkin' On Sunshine

Sozzles for not updating in ages!
I've had stuff going on, but mostly I was just lazy.

I'm going thorough a strange time in my life when everything seems to be going steadily up.
Not like everything is perfect, more like positive little things are happening all around me.
  • I finished my Journalism final after some hardcore people chasing.
  • I went to the country over the weekend for a little getaway, and I got tanned hallelujah!
  • I got my P's.
  • I started pole dancing classes; on my way to fit and toned.
  • I have a steady tradition of watching Ja'mie on wednesdays and Beauty and the Geek on thursdays.
  • I got a crapload of piercings on my left ear.
Those are a few things that made me happy this week, and I hope you all have something to smile about too!

This is a quick WIWT post
I'll see ya after SWOTVAC (Uni exams)!

Crop tee: American Apparel knockoff from Ebay

Denim Skirt: City Beach years ago
(Quick note on denim skirts- these things are timeless and resilient, you're pretty much guaranteed they will never go out of style. Invest.)

Neon yellow belt: ASOS

All my rings are from The Silver Shop (the one combined with piercing planet in Brisbane City)

Lipstick: BYS
(This colour is unforgiving on chapped lips)
(But I love it)

Found a cute lil Cicada shell on the tree I was posing next to!

My new holy grail shoes: ASOS
Neon green socks: Ebay

Ola friends!