Saturday, 18 October 2014

Connie X Mary

I was walking home (holding my freshly baked dominos pizza) when I had an epiphany.

This is the best way I can sum up my train of thought:
-> My pizza made me happy.
-> Will this pizza always make me happy- time after time?
-> No, I'll probably get sick of the pizza as a special concept, and become desensitised to its effects.
-> I'd have to upgrade, perhaps start indulging in restaurant grade pizza.
-> But I could never be satisfied with that forever- more upgrades.
-> It's possible that one day I'll have eaten all the best pizzas in the world and no pizza could make me as happy as it once did.
-> I am terrified as I realise happiness is never stationary and you must always be fuelling it.

In this sense I can kind of understand how some incredibly successful people are not happy- where do you go once you hold in your hands the stars you've always dreamed of reaching?

"I used to dream every night, now i never dream at all.
 I'm hopin' that it's cause I'm livin' everything I want."
- Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) 

Luckily I'm still reaching for my ultimate goal; there are many more checkpoints to come and I'm excited for each and every one of them. 

This scene from The Great Gatsby comes to mind:

And with that we transition into the song of the week from the Great Gatsby Soundtrack: $100 Bill

This week we have my collab with my lovely friend Mary Hecker!
The theme we set (last minute) was coot sunnies and red lipstick, we also accidentally wore the same top, enjoy amigos!

Sunglasses: Ra Ra Superstar (Lavender Latte)
Earrings: Angel Puffs
Mesh top: Sad Eyes Apparel
Watermelon Bra: Nastygal
Black Tennis Skirt: American Apparel
Fishnets: Ebay

Nike Socks from- you guessed it- Nike
Shoes: Ebay

Rings form the Silver Shop in Brisbane City.
Glitter from Typo <3


Halter top and skirt: Everland Clothing
Shoes: Dr Martens

And then we dance:

BYE BBGALS (and boys, I don't discriminate)


  1. Pizza is the best food to have an epiphany over. I love your pictures, especially the last two!

    1. Agreed, pizza should accompany everything! We actually danced and got loads of weird looks haha