Friday, 27 December 2013

Nastygal Haul Part Two // Adventures

HeLLo EverYBOdy! (say it in the voice of Dr. Nick from the Simpsons and it all makes sense)

Today I went on an adventure.
The plan was to go to a swimming hole in Springbrook, but life decided to throw us a curve ball.
We ended up tired and hungry at the end of the road, on top of a mountain. 
It was chilly and foggy, and we wandered.
We skipped from rock to boulder to rock. 
Then we came to what looked like the edge of the earth.
It was a sheer vertical drop where the creek suddenly plummeted into endless fog.
It was breathtaking.

On the topic of adventures: I'm going sky diving on Monday at a beach in Redcliffe!

Aight let's hop into the clothes I acquired from Nastygal YAY

Lippies used: Lime Crime 'Glamour 101' with a cheap priceline lip stain on top

Top and shorts both Nastygal

Sunnies by Quay Eyeware Australia, from Nastygal
Officially my fave, I leave them in my bag now.

Note: if you have an industrial piercing it helps to have cornrows so your hair doesn't fucking tug on it every time you move.


Shoes from ASOS

This top is awesome because it's party in the front, AND THE BACK

Catch ya

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