Friday, 6 December 2013


Hello my little buttercups

These past few weeks have been an epic start to my uni holidays.
I've decided partying is nearly as exhausting as studying.
From experience I find that the summer holidays always seem like an endless period of time during which you can neatly accomplish everything you couldn't amidst your studies.
The fact of the matter is I spend:
30% of my time watching the TV shows I've hoarded throughout the year;
20% catching up with the friends I've neglected;
30% working (being exploited);
10% eating, etc.
Which leaves approximately 10% of my holidays to actually accomplishing things.
When I realised this after 13 years of education I decided enough was enough and I've compiled a Holiday Bucket List:
(Contributed to by Kerry)
- Skinny dip
- Rock climb at Kangaroo Point
- Run to the top of Mt Cootha
- Go to the Casino
- Segway around Brisbane
- Learn to sew
- Get cornrows
- Sex and the City marathon
- Road Trips!!! (Sandon River, Whitsundays, Great Barrier Reef, The Quarrie, Tangalooma, Straddie, Coolangatta, Byron, Cairns)
- Cook a recipe, borrow cooking books from lib
- Start a Youtube Channel
- Draw my next tattoo
- Enter a gameshow (big brother etc)
- Learn to surf
- Volunteer at a homeless shelter

There were more inappropriate (but hilarious) ones which I left out.

Onto the photoschmotos!

New neon pink 'Kitti' sunnies by Quay Eyeware
They come in like 5 colours and I want them all.

Flatform Shoes by Zomp

Shit now you know my address

This cute little set is from an up and coming label Blackpepper Fashion. 
Such a good price for handmade gear and they always have funky new prints!

Signature Scent: Love Spell by Victoria's Secret
Sickly sweet just how I like it.

Velourlips by Australis
There is a name but I just call it 'the purple one'
This shits off the hook, it goes on like a lipgloss, dries super matte and stays on foreva.