Sunday, 19 April 2015

April Bellabox

Hey ya'll

So this week I wanted to try something new. Tbh everybody and their mum (literally) is already subscribed to this box but hey I hopped on the bandwagon.
Introducing this month's April Bellabox!
If you don't know already Bellabox is a subscription service that sends you a bunch of beauty goodies every month -----> check it out on the Bellabox website for more info.

Alright alright, onto what I got this month!!


I've already used one of these face wipes and I dig. The smell is really inoffensive and the packaging is great cos it has the sticker underneath the cap to double ensure it doesn't dry out. Oh and it's biodegradable!! 

This is probably my favourite item of the bunch! I've been carrying it in my bag and using it everyday since I got it. It's a super thick, paste-like, moisturiser. I love it as a hand cream because I can feel it even hours later and my hands are soooo soft. I recommend only putting it on the backs of your hands though since it is so thick and long lasting.


Smells so much like orange ah I'm always tempted to eat it off my lips. Good lip balm that doesn't 'sting'.

A brown tinted, shimmery lip balm. Reminds me of the burt's bees ones. It has a tingly, stinging sensation when you put it on.

Yet to try these samples.

Good for mozzie bites??

 Catch ya,
Connie xx

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